2012 Presentations

Day 1, General Session

John Curran, President and CEO, ARIN – IPv6 Market Viability–Revisited

Shannon McFarland, Principal Engineer, Corporate Consulting Engineering Group Office of the CTO, Cisco – Enterprise Internet Edge Design for IPv6

Asoka De Saram, Systems Engineering Manager, A10 Networks – Real World IPv6 Migration Solutions

Jeremy Duncan, IPv6 Network Architect, Salient Federal Solutions – Deploying IPv6 Secure Neighbor Discovery (SeND) in the Enterprise Today

Tom Coffeen, IPv6 Evangelist, Infoblox – IPv6 Adoption in the Enterprise

Government Panel:   Introductions (Yurie Rich, Nephos6 – Moderator)

Chris Grundemann, CableLabs – Moderator  World IPv6 Launch Panel

  • World IPv6 Launch (Richard Jimmerson, ISOC)
  • How do we get to 1%? (Lee Howard, Time Warner Cable)
  • Home Router Participation in World IPv6 Launch (Tim Winters, UNH IOL)
  • IPv6 @ Yahoo! (Tony Lam, Yahoo!)

Yanick Pouffary, HP – Holistic IPv6 Transition

Track 1 – IPv6Transition and IPv6 in the Home

John Lee, CTO, Internet Associates – Connect with Addressing Intelligence to Automate IPv6 Planning, Transition & Cyber Security

John Brzozowski, Distinguished Engineer, Comcast – IPv6 Deployment to the home at Comcast and CE industry Initiatives to support that effort

Timothy Winters, Senior Manager, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) – IPv6 in the Home Network

Jeff Loughridge,Brooks Consulting LLC, Why Your Network Should Go IPv6-Only

Andrew Yourtchenko, Technical Leader, Cisco – Happy Eyeballs

Chris Grundemann, CableLabs – Carrier Grade NAT – Observations and Recommendations

Lee Howard, Director, Network Technology, Time Warner Cable – The Total Cost of Ownership of Carrier Grade NAT

Azael Alcantara, Special Projects Manager Mexican IPv6 Forum Chapter, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) – Twelve years of IPv6 in Mexico: Challenges, Experiences and Perspectives

Track 2 – Enterprise and IPAM

Branko Miskov, BlueCat – IPv6 Made Easy: IPv6 Made Easy: Making the Transition to IPv6 with IPAM

Robert Fleischman, CTO, Xerocole – Tsunami Warning – How to Prevent IPv6 from Running Over Your DNS

Stephan Lagerholm, IPv6, DNS, DNSSEC and IT-security expert, Secure64 – Use cases for DNS64/NAT64

Paul Zawacki, Sr. Principal Network Engineer, Oracle: Lessons Learned from Enterprise IPv6 Deployment,

Jeff Hartley, Brocade – IPv6 Transition for the Enterprise

Ciprian Popoviciu, President/CEO, Nephos6 – How to Evaluate the IPv6 Readiness of the IT Environment

Scott Arfsten, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager, Cupertino Electric, Inc. – IPv6 in the Design and Construction Industry – Case Study

Owen Delong, IPv6 Evangelist, Hurricane Electric – Address Planning

Track 3 – Transport/R&S/Operations

Aaron Hughes, President and CTO, 6connect – Tie Downs, TE and TCAM tuning, IPv6 from an ISPs Perspective

Shane Amante, Sr. IP Architect, Level3 Communications – The IPv6 Flow Label – Past, Present and Future

Cody Christman, Principal Architect – Networking, Wipro – A Service Provider’s Implementation of 6VPE (Dual Stack L3VPN) With Live Demonstration

Jeff Carrell, Network Systems and Security Instructor, Network Conversions – IPv6 is on my Network…But What Just Happened?

Paul Ebersman, IPv6 Evangelist, Infoblox – Meet the new IP, same as the old IP?

Ed Horley, Principal Solutions Architect, Groupware Technology – Advanced IPv6 Design and Deployment Items for Enterprise Networks that are Microsoft Technology Focused

John Vail, University Student, East Carolina University – Cloud Providers that Suppoprt IPv6