2017 Speakers & Agenda

Keynote speakers for the 2017 North American IPv6 Summit confirmed!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Schedule

Keynote: Tony Scott, TonyScott Group

An innovative leader in information technology for global brands and the federal government, Tony Scott has spent his distinguished career developing leading-edge approaches to enterprise cybersecurity and advocating for the transformational power of digital modernization.

Over a 40-year career, Scott has shaped groundbreaking information technology solutions at some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Microsoft, General Motors, VMware, and The Walt Disney Company. A cybersecurity and cloud computing pioneer, Scott has championed and executed strategies driving modernization and efficiency with results extending from the corporate boardroom to the consumer’s living room, changing the way we think about modern data management and open-source advancements.

In 2015, Scott was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as the third Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States. During his tenure, he improved federal cybersecurity, initiating a 30-day Cybersecurity Sprint and leading the government response to a series of cyber intrusions, eventually successfully launching the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan. Scott implemented a 21st-century approach to digital governance, opening up the federal source code and promoting transparency and innovation via effective partnerships between the public and private sectors. Along the way, he had to navigate net neutrality policy, manage privacy issues arising from the Apple vs. the FBI legal case, and oversee federal technology spending, including management of an $85 billion budget.

Today, Scott leads the TonyScottGroup, offering cutting-edge enterprise strategy and solutions in cybersecurity, cloud services, and technology management. He provides audiences with actionable takeaways to lead change and address common challenges, including the rising costs and complexity of infrastructure, how to efficiently implement new technologies, and the value in adopting cloud-based management.

Keynote: John Curran, ARIN

John Curran is the President and CEO of ARIN. His Internet industry experience includes serving as CTO and COO for ServerVault, which provides highly secure, fully managed infrastructure solutions for sensitive federal government and commercial applications. Prior to this, he was CTO for XO Communications, where he was integral in leading the organization’s technical initiatives, network architecture, and design of leading-edge capabilities built into the company’s nationwide network. Mr. Curran also served as CTO for BBN/GTE Internetworking, where he was responsible for the organization’s strategic technology direction. He led BBN’s technical evolution from one of the earliest Internet Service Providers through its growth and eventual acquisition by GTE. He has also been an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), having both co-chaired the IETF Operations and Network Management Area and served as a member of the IPng (IPv6) Directorate.

John is a founding member of the ARIN Board of Trustees, having served since August 1997. He was re-elected in 2000, 2003, and again in October 2006. As President and CEO of ARIN John is a non-elected, full-voting member of the Board.

Start TimeEnd time PresenterTitleAbstract
8:00 am9:00 amBreakfast
9:00 am10:00 amKeynote 1Tony Scott, Tony Scott GroupIT Modernization - A path forward leveraging IPv6.
10:00 am10:10 amBreak
10:10 am11:00 amKeynote 2John Curran, ARINHow far are we in IPv6 adoption?Hear John Curran, President and CEO of ARIN, speak about why you should move to IPv6 now and how you can get an IPv6 block from ARIN. Explore current IPv6 adoption trends by taking a look at how many networks have an IPv6 block, how many networks are routing IPv6, and how much traffic is using IPv6. And last but not least, find out how you can get a reserved IPv4 block from ARIN to help in your transition to IPv6.
11:00 am11:10 amBreak
11:10 am12:00 pmPresentation 1Tom Coffeen, InfoBloxAn Enterprise IPv6 Address Planning Case-StudyThis presentation will focus on real-world examples from an enterprise IPv6 address plan, taking time to review the principles of proper address planning for the existing corporate IT network as well as exploring options for addressing emerging network technologies like IoT, containerization/microservices, and cloud.
12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch
1:00 pm1:50 pmPresentation 2Stephan Langerholm, T-MobileT-Mobile's path to IPv6 OnlyFor the past 10 years T-Mobile have worked towards creating an IPv6 environment and we are now getting very close to our goal. Stephan will present some learning on how to successfully enable IPv6-only using DNS64 with or without 464XLAT. He will do a live demo of the different IP interfaces on an Android handset. Finally, he will discuss and give some best practices on how to handle DNS, applications and websites that are having issues with DNS64.
1:50 pm2:00 pmBreak
2:00 pm2:50 pmPresentation 3Dani Grant, CloudFlareIPv6 - A View From The EdgeCloudflare serves 1.4 trillion web pages across its network every month to 2.5 billion Internet visitors. This talk will give a view of IPv6 stats from Cloudflare's edge to answer the question who and what is pushing IPv6.
2:50 pm 3:20 pmBreak
3:20 pm4:10 pmPresentation 4Loghashankar Srinivasan, Mei Fan & Travais Norling, CicsoWe Didn’t Just Build the Internet—We Constantly Reimagine It - An IPV6 Campus of the futureCisco’s Enterprise engineering team, in collaboration with the Cisco IT team (Known within Cisco as the IPV6 transformers), took the lead in converting one of Cisco’s buildings, building 23 (known internally as "The v6 Island") in San Jose to an IPv6-only network. Building 23 houses more than 500 employees with at least two devices per person. This translates into more than 120 access points and 20 network devices (Wireless/Switching/Routing). The Cisco IPV6 transformers are here to share this exhilarating journey to roll out the first IPv6-only building in the industry servicing the typical daily business traffic of a large enterprise. Beyond the excitement, it had been a Herculean effort to make sure that critical services were migrated with minimal disruption.
4:10 pm5:00 pmPresentation 5Rob Barton, CiscoIPv6 and IoTIPv6 plays a foundational role in the rapidly maturing world of IoT and digital transformation. This presentation will examine IPv6 use case examples in IoT environments and the unique challenges posed by constrained networks. We will examine the core IPv6 building blocks for IoT, including 6LoWPAN, RPL, and network management protocols, as well as applications of the various IPv6 address management strategies. We will look at how to overcome some of the most common IPv4 to v6 NAT issues by utilizing MAP-T, as well security best practices for IPv6 IoT endpoints. Finally, we will examine how Cisco has deployed some of the largest industrial IoT networks in the world using IPv6.
5:00 pm6:30 pmReception Stay for our Beer & Gear reception

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Schedule
Keynote: Franck Martin, LinkedIn

Franck Martin has been postmaster at LinkedIn from 2011 till 2017. He spent nearly 20 years in Fiji where he worked extensively with 20 or so Pacific Island countries. He was trustee at the Internet Society 2006-2009, members of the Pacific Islands and San Francisco Chapters. He has deployed a few ISPs in Tuvalu, Fiji and Samoa as well as established two ccTLDs dot KI (Kiribati) and dot NR (Nauru). He has worked on the DMARC.org specification, deployed it at LinkedIn, and he is promoting email authentication technologies and policies. He is currently working towards building an IPv6-only data center at LinkedIn. He is also active in the alternative electronic music scene in San Francisco. He has released several electronica albums under his name.

Start TimeEnd Time SpeakerTitleAbstract
8:00 am9:00 amBreakfast
9:00 am10:00 amKeynote 3Franck Martin, LinkedInIPv6 @ LinkedInLinkedIn has been following the depletion of IPv4. It put its first application - mail - on IPv6 in 2013, followed by the website and API in 2014. We then looked internally and saw we would also run out of IPv4 there. Yes, really! It was time to act. Since 2015, we have been on a long journey to convert our data centers to IPv6. This journey is not finished, but we will show you the milestones achieved and what it really means to deploy IPv6 @ scale, everywhere on everything.
10:00 am10:10 amBreak
10:10 am11:00 amPresentation 6Veronika McKillop, MicrosoftMicrosoft IT: Journey to IPv6 – are we there yet and what’s next?This presentation will cover the journey that Networking team in Microsoft IT took from an IPv4-only to Dual-Stack network. However, the team is not stopping there as this Dual-Stack is only IPv6 half-done. Our team aims to go IPv6-Only and I will share some details of this new exciting direction. I will also include differences in challenges that Enterprises face versus Service Providers.
11:00 am11:10 amBreak
11:10 am12:00 pmPresentation 7David Holder, Erion LTDCGN: A driver for IPv6 adoption"The IPv4 address space is exhausted and the scarcity of addresses is leading to the deployment of techniques to preserve and better utilize currently allocated addresses. Amongst these techniques, Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) is one which service providers are increasingly deploying in their access networks.

The long-term solution to address exhaustion is IPv6 with its enormous address space. However, the existing and widespread deployment of IPv4 networks and systems make it necessary to continue to support IPv4 into the near future.

The deployment of CGN is not without its challenges. CGN in the data path affects all players; end users, application developers, service providers, carriers and content providers. CGNs can impact banking applications, internet advertising, internet analytics, legal Intercept, computer forensics, privacy, voice and messaging applications, games consoles applications, AJAX applications and much more.

This presentation reviews the implications of CGN, how it affects all parties, the actions that can mitigate CGN issues and why the increasing deployment of CGN is an important driver for the adoption of IPv6."
12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch
1:00 pm1:50 pmPresentation 8Shannon McFarland, CiscoIPV6 in Cloud Deployments"More and more enterprise and service provider environments are deploying IPv6 within their Clouds due to extreme IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 support in various private and public Cloud platforms range from zero-to-hero.

This session will discuss:
- High-level view of IPv6 support across private cloud to include popular stacks such as OpenStack and Docker
- High-level view of IPv6 support across a few popular public cloud providers
- Top considerations for IPv6 addressing in Cloud designs
- Technical overview of OpenStack deployment with IPv6"
1:50 pm2:00 pmBreak
2:00 pm2:50 pmPresentation 9Kevin Jones, NASANASA & Federal IPv6 Updates An overview of the NASA IPv6 effort will be provided that includes status, accomplishments, and challenges. Additionally, an overview of the Federal IPv6 effort will be provided that includes successes, approaches and next steps.
2:50 pm3:20 pmBreak
3:20 pm4:10 pmPresentation 10John Brzozowski - Comcast6 @ Comcast – Changing the Game:

Infrastructure (network, back office, provisioning), cloud, content and more all required support for IPv6 (only) to support next generation entertainment, applications, and services.
4:10 pm5:00 pmPresentation 11Owen DeLong, AkamaiIPv6 is Here: The Future is Now"Owen DeLong from Akamai Technologies will summarize the current state of progress on global IPv6 adoption
and discuss practical measures for further progress."