Registration is open for the 2017 North American IPv6 Summit! This event is designed to educate you about IPv6 and the current state of IPv6 adoption. IPv6 networking professionals ranging from technology leaders, system architects, technical engineers, and researchers attend this 2-day event.

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Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Taskforce, the California IPv6 Taskforce, and LinkedIn, the 2017 IPv6 Summit takes place on April 25-26, 2017 at LinkedIn Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. This year’s event will focus on the accomplishments been made in recent years that have driven the accelerating growth in IPv6 Internet traffic, and discuss remaining challenges. The event will celebrate the hard work performed by broadband service providers, mobile carriers, online content providers, content distribution networks, equipment manufacturers, operating system manufacturers, and numerous others.
This year’s event fee is $200 per person and includes the following:
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