2013 Presentations

Day 1 General Session:

Quantitative Metrics for IPv6 Enablement – Ciprian Popoviciu, Nephos 6

BYOD and IPv6 – Are you ready for the flood of Employee Owned Devices?   Yanick Pouffary, Hewlett Packard

Planning IPv6 Deployment for the Enterprise – Steve Sacchi, A10 Networks

DHCPv6 Fingerprinting and BYOD – Tom Coffeen, Infoblox

Leadership (or lack thereof) in IPv6 Adoption  John Curran, ARIN

Best Current Operational Practices – Efforts from the Internet Society – Jan Zorz, Internet Society

Day 2, Track 1: IPv6 Enterprise Best Practices and Adoption

Do’s and Don’t of Transitions – Silvia Hagen, Sunny Connection, AG

Use of the Federal IPv6 Roadmap for Enterprise Transition Guidance and Planning – John Lee, Internet Associates

IPv6 for IoT and M2M applications – Geoff Mulligan, IPSO Alliance

Global IPv6 adoption: A look at IPv6 adoption metrics and transition, and how it helps making better IPv6 business decision – Ailan Fiocco, Cisco

Deployment Experiences on large, Public campus networks and IPv6 only WiFi – Kumar Reddy, Cisco

After 2012: Internal Enterprise IPv6 Transition Best Practices – Jeremy Duncan, Salient Federal Solutions

Don’t let IPv4 concerns today stop IPv6 tomorrow – Patrick Hubbard, Solar Winds

Day 2: Track 2: Addressing Security and Troubleshooting

IPv6 Address Design: Principles and Perspectives – John Doyle, Jeff Doyle & Associates

End Station Addressing, choosing SLAAC or DHCPv6 – Jeff Harrington, NYSERNet

IPv6 Dual Stack Collaboration Architecture – Jay Shah, Cisco

IPv6 Infrastructure Security – Jeff Carrell, Network Conversions

IPv6 Attacks and Countermeasures – James Small, CDW

Managing an IPv6 Network: Deep Dive into ICMPv6 – Laura Knapp, AES

Troubleshooting in a Dual-stack Environment – Scott Hogg, GTRI

Day 2, Track 3: IPv6 in the home and IPv6 Transition

Cost of Dual-Stack – Lee Howard, Time Warner Cable

What’s next after W6L? – Hans Liu, D-Link, Corp

The Future of Home IP networking: The HIPnet Solution – Chris Grundemann, Cablelabs

IPv6 deployment for Enterprise/sysadmin – Paul Ebersman, Infoblox

Service Provider and Enterprise IPv6 deployment scenarios – Brandon Ross, Network Utility Force

IPv4 Routing Table Exhaustion and IPv6 – Ognian Mitev, Viawest

IPv6 Ready CE Router Logo – Timothy Winters

Day 2, Track 4: IPv6 Adoption in US Government

IPv6 OMB Compliance & Implementation – TJ Evans

NASA IPv6 Implementation Status – Kevin Jones, NASA

IPv6 Update and Challenges For a DoD Enterprise Network – Jeremy Duncan, Salient Federal Solutions

OMB 2012 Recap – Nephos6

OMB 2014 IPv6 Milestone Requirements – Dale Geesey, Auspex Technologies