IPv6 Buzz 021: NAT Isn’t Necessary For Security: Answering Listener Questions

NAT Isn't Necessary For Security: Answering Listener QuestionsIn today’s IPv6 Buzz we answer listener questions about our favorite addressing protocol, including

  • I thought NAT was necessary for security? Isn’t my network less secure without NAT at the edge?
  • I tend to disable IPv6 whenever I can. Is that bad?
  • How feasible is it to scan an IPv6 network to discover devices?

Thanks for listening (and keep the questions coming)!

Show Links:

RFC 4864: Local Network Protection for IPv6 – IETF

RFC 6724: Default Address Selection for IPv6 – IETF

3 Ways to Ruin Your Future Network with IPv6 Unique Local Addresses – Infoblox

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