IPv6 Buzz 020: Demystifying IPv6 Protocol Analysis With Denise Fishburne

Demystifying IPv6 Protocol Analysis with Denise Fishburne In today’s episode we make sense of IPv6 protocol analysis with expert teacher and troubleshooter Denise Fishburne.

Denise is an 18-year veteran of the Cisco Customer Proof of Concept lab, where she’s an engineer and team lead. She’s also a Cisco solutions architect, CCIE #2639, CCDE #2009::0014, a CiscoPress technical reviewer, and is in the CiscoLive! Distinguished Speaker Hall of Fame.

Topics include:

  • The importance of using a protocol analyzer and packet captures to better understand IPv6
  • Why being able to configure IPv6 routing protocols won’t necessarily prepare you for troubleshooting IPv6
  • The psychological barrier of a /64 as a LAN subnet (and the general fear of learning IPv6)
  • Why IoT requires an IPv6 security practice
  • Network traffic security analytics

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