Critical Security Differences Between IPv4 And IPv6

Critical Security Differences Between IPv4 And IPv6When it comes to security, there are a few critical differences between IPv4 and IPv6 that organizations need to be aware of, including host addressing and extension headers.

We examine these differences, as well as other v6 security issues, with our guest Eric Vyncke, a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco and co-author of IPv6 Security(Cisco Press).

Eric is the Co-Chair of the Belgium IPv6 Council as well as the Co-Chair of Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure (OPSEC) Working Group at the IETF (where he has authored many RFCs).

Topic discussed include:

  • The general IPv6 security landscape
  • The differences and similarities between IPv4 and IPv6 security
  • The “latent threat” of IPv6 and what to do about it
  • Some innovative ways IPv6 is being used

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