IPv6 Buzz 019: IPv6 And Broadband Internet Cable Providers

IPv6 And Broadband Internet Cable ProvidersIn the latest episode of IPv6 Buzz we examine IPv6 deployment among cable providers. We’ll discuss industry trends, dual-stack deployments, and how the cable industry is working to transition IPv4 out of the providers’ access and distribution networks.

Topics include:

  • The status of IPv6 deployment among cable providers
  • Why an IPv6-only network with IPv4 running as a service (IPv4aaS) is desirable for cable provider networks
  • What prevents some cable providers from adopting IPv6
  • The DOCSIS standard and why it’s important for IPv6
  • Why a /56 IPv6 prefix is likely the best minimum size for home networks

Our guest is Dan Torbet, Director of Systems Engineering at ARRIS. He’s worked in the cable/MSO Internet industry for over 25 years.

Dan was an active participant in industry efforts around DOCSIS 3.0 and Modular CMTS specifications and has been a long time advocate of IPv6 adoption including as a very active Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force member and volunteer.

Thanks for listening!

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World IPv6 Launch Measurements

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