IPv6 Buzz 011: An IPv6 Address Planning Guide

IPv6 Address Planning Guide In this episode, Ed Horely interviews IPv6 Buzz co-host Tom Coffeen about his favorite topic: IPv6 address planning!

Implementing IPv6 requires a different mindset from IPv4, particularly if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, so Tom shares his insights and experience on address planning.

It also happens to be the title and subject of Tom’s O’Reilly Media book: IPv6 Address Planning: Designing an Address Plan for the Future.

Topics discussed include:

  • What is “IPv4 thinking” and how does it interfere with proper IPv6 address planning?
    Is it possible to waste host addresses in IPv6?
  • What is a nibble boundary and why is it critical to your IPv6 address plan
  • How difficult is it to obtain an IPv6 allocation from a Regional Internet Registry (and is your existing IPv6 allocation large enough)?
  • What is the proper IPv6 prefix size to configure on a point-to-point link?

Tom is a network engineer, architect, and tech author with over twenty years of production internetwork design and deployment know-how.

Based on his experiences leading early IPv6 adoption in the CDN and service provider spaces (and as a co-organizer of World IPv6 Day), he continues to leverage his decade-plus IPv6 experience in helping drive large enterprise IPv6 adoption.

Most recently, Tom co-founded HexaBuild, an IT consultancy focused on advancing cloud, IoT, and security with IPv6.

Thanks for listening!

Your Hosts
Ed Horley @ehorley
Tom Coffeen @ipv6tom

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