IPv6 Buzz 009: IPv6 And DNS With Cricket Liu

IPv6 and DNSIn this episode, Ed and Tom discuss IPv6 and DNS with Cricket Liu. Cricket is the EVP Engineering, Chief DNS Architect, and a Senior Fellow at Infoblox.

He’s also the author of numerous books, including O’Reilly Media’s DNS and BIND.

In other words, he knows just a wee bit about DNS (and IPv6, too)! You can follow Cricket on Twitter here.

Topics discussed include:

  • How did the DNS record types for IPv6 come about?
  • How DNS64 breaks DNSSEC (and when that matters)
  • Cricket’s advice for those who have yet to adopt IPv6
  • The future of DNS, including for DKIM, SPF, and TLSA/CAA, oh my!
  • Why you should dual-stack your DNS name servers

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