IPv6 Buzz 004: IPv6 And Mobile Network Operators

Welcome to episode four of IPv6 Buzz!

IPv6 and Mobile Network OperatorsOn today’s show, Ed, Scott, and Tom chat with Stephan Lagerholm, Senior Manager of Systems Design and Strategy at T-Mobile. He’s also an early IPv6 advocate, including co-founding the Texas IPv6 Task Force.

The discussion covers many topics, including:

  • T-Mobile’s industry-leading 94% IPv6 traffic level
  • The historical reasons for T-Mobile’s leadership in the mobile network operator space
  • What service providers have in common in their approaches to IPv6 adoption
  • What smartphone is currently IPv6-only on T-Mobile’s network
  • Why 464XLAT is a critical translation mechanism for mobile IPv6 and how it works
  • What happens when IPv6 becomes “just part of your business DNA”

Thanks for listening!

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