Enterprise IPv6 Address Planning Revisited

Enterprise IPv6 Address Planning

IPv6 Buzz 024: Enterprise IPv6 Address Planning Revisited

At a recent Packet Pushers Virtual Design Clinic, IPv6 Buzz co-host Tom Coffeen gave a technical presentation on IPv6 Address Planning.

Unfortunately, Tom ran out of time before he could get through his whole presentation. On today’s episode, Tom gets another crack at it.

Guests Ethan Banks and Drew Conry-Murray join the show to ask follow-up questions and dig into address planning details including:

  • IPv6 nibble boundaries and why they’re so useful for subnetting
  • How to get over an IPv4 mindset when planning for v6
  • Key differences between Provider Independent (PI) and Provider Assigned (PA) address space
  • Recommendations for v6 subnetting tools
  • How enterprise tools for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM are–and aren’t–ready for IPv6

Thanks for listening!

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