Press Release: 2017 North American IPv6 Summit

2017 North American IPv6 Summit to Be Held at LinkedIn Headquarters, Sunnyvale, CA

DENVER, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The collective North American IPv6 Task Forces announced the 2017 North American IPv6 Summit will be held at LinkedIn headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.  The two-day event (April 25-26), designed to educate network professionals on the current state of IPv6 adoption, will feature a variety of speakers from leading organizations, including LinkedIn, ARIN, Google Fiber, Microsoft, Cisco, Comcast, and others.

Keynote speakers John Curran, President and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and Franck Martin, LinkedIn Senior Staff Engineer, Systems, and Chair of the LinkedIn IPv6 inside the Data Center Working Group, will address the technology leaders, system architects, technical engineers, and researchers expected to attend.

John Curran is the President and CEO of ARIN, where he leads the organization in its mission of managing the distribution of Internet number resources. His past Internet industry experience includes serving as CTO and COO for ServerVault, which provides highly secure, fully managed infrastructure solutions for sensitive federal government and commercial applications.  Prior to this, he was CTO for XO Communications—where he was integral in leading the organization’s technical initiatives, network architecture, and design of leading-edge capabilities built into the company’s nationwide network—as well as CTO for BBN/GTE Internetworking, where he was responsible for the organization’s strategic technology direction.

Franck Martin has been postmaster at LinkedIn from 2011 till 2017. He spent nearly 20 years in Fiji where he worked extensively with 20 or so Pacific Island countries. He was trustee at the Internet Society 2006-2009, members of the Pacific Islands and San Francisco Chapters. He has deployed a few ISPs in Tuvalu, Fiji and Samoa as well as established two ccTLDs dot KI (Kiribati) and dot NR (Nauru). He has worked on the specification, deployed it at LinkedIn, and he is promoting email authentication technologies and policies. He is currently working towards building an IPv6-only data center at LinkedIn. He is also active in the alternative electronic music scene in San Francisco. He has released several electronica albums under his name.

This event is being coordinated by the Rocky Mountain, California, Texas, and Mexico IPv6 Task Force groups.  “We are very excited to be able to host the 2017 North American IPv6 Summit at LinkedIn’s headquarters in Sunnyvale. The Summit is a great opportunity for network professionals to learn about the latest advancements and uses of IPv6. We’ve seen explosive growth in the adoption of IPv6 and we are going to celebrate the accomplishments of those adopting organizations and allow them to share best practices and success stories,” said Scott Hogg, Chair Emeritus, RMv6TF.

The IPv6 North American Summit, first held in 2007, will cover such topics as exemplary IPv6 adoption, best practices in IPv6 deployment, methods for driving increased usage of IPv6, current IPv6 adoption trends, and future IPv6 growth projections. Awards will be presented to the top 10 North American service providers who achieved connecting over 20% of their subscribers with IPv6.

Attendees will take part in a two-day single-track session, starting each day with a 9:00 a.m. keynote address followed by presentations until 5:00p.m. Lunch is included, as is morning coffee and afternoon refreshments.  Attendees also receive a custom t-shirt.

About The IPv6 Task Forces

Dedicated to the advancement and adoption of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the Rocky Mountain, California, Texas and Mexico IPv6 Task Forces work to educate the community on IPv6 and its benefits. As sub-chapters of the North American IPv6 Task Force, these organizations primarily host local IPv6-focused events to promote the use of IPv6 within the North American region. These groups are non-profit/tax-exempt organizations that industry and government can look to for guidance on IPv6 transition information and advice about best practices and solutions involving IPv6. For more information, visit,,, and .

About ARIN

ARIN is the nonprofit corporation that manages the distribution of Internet number resources – IPv4, IPv6, and ASNs – in its service region, which includes Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States. With no more IPv4 addresses remaining in the free pool, ARIN encourages all organizations with a digital presence to deploy IPv6 to make sure they are reachable across the whole Internet not just the old Internet.  More information on IPv6 adoption is available at and

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Contact: Scott Hogg, Chairman Emeritus, Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force
Phone: 303-949-4865

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