Internet Society Colorado Chapter and Task Force join to advance IPv6

DENVER – The Internet Society Colorado Chapter and the Rocky Mountain Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Task Force have joined to advance deployment of IPv6 by organizing INET Denver, which is co-locating with the 2013 North American IPv6 Summit in Denver on April 17-19.

United in the goal of preserving the growth and development of the global Internet, the Internet Society and the RMv6TF said they will leverage both events in Denver to spread awareness and educate the industry on the importance of adopting IPv6.

“As IPv4 is running out of IP addresses to support the explosive number of devices connecting to the Internet, it is critical that the world embrace IPv6 as the new normal,” said Scott Hogg, RMv6TF chair emeritus.

“IPv6, unlike its predecessor IPv4, essentially has an unlimited number of IP addresses available, so businesses across the globe can continue to use the Internet as a primary vehicle for collaboration, commerce and innovation.”

“INET Denver: IPv4 Exhaustion and the Path to IPv6” will bring together top industry experts with professionals in the networking field to discuss the depletion of IPv4 in the market and the TCO of IPv6.

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