IPv6 Buzz 015: How ‘Happy Eyeballs’ Improves User Experience With v6

Happy Eyeballs Improve User Experience with v6Today’s episode explores RFC 6555 a.k.a “Happy Eyeballs”, a modification of IPv6 protocol behavior that has driven significant overall IPv6 adoption.

Happy Eyeballs helps dual-stack clients select either the v6 or v4 address more quickly.

Happy Eyeballs aims to improve end user experience with client connections.

Our guest is Dan Wing. Dan is a security architect and a frequent IETF participant and contributor. He has co-authored many RFCs, including RFC 6555.

Discussion topics include:

  • What does Happy Eyeballs do and why has it been so beneficial for IPv6 adoption?
  • How is Happy Eyeballs implemented at the OS level? How does it impact application performance?
  • The proposed elimination of separate DNS queries for IPv4 and IPv6 to improve overall Internet performance (and how such a change might impact IPv6 in particular)

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