IPv6 Buzz 006: Why And How To Test IPv6 Interoperability

IPv6 InteroperabilityToday’s episode of IPv6 Buzz looks at interoperability testing of IPv6. Our guest is Tim Winters, the longtime director of the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Lab.

We discuss why testing v6 is crucial, and look at interoperability initiatives including the USGv6 program, a NIST effort to spur v6 adoption.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why IPv6 interoperability testing is important
  • What gets tested and why?
  • How IPv6-only deployments are impacting interoperability testing
  • How has IPv6 testing impacted overall deployment of IPv6
  • Why USGv6 has been critical to IPv6 adoption
  • Why IPv6-only is likely to happen sooner than expected
  • What should IPv6/IPv4 feature parity look like
  • Thanks for listening!

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