CEA IPv6 PlugFest 2015

CEA IPv6 PlugFest 2015
IPv6 Interoperability Testing
April 20-22, 2015
Atlanta, GA

CEA and major U.S. carriers are organizing an IPv6 interoperability test event for CE product teams, to advance the state of IPv6 support across the consumer electronics ecosystem and the Internet of Things.  Participants will have the opportunity to test dual-stack/IPv6 capable hosts and routers, devices and applications, with the carriers, carrier-supplied routers and IP formats that are widely deployed to millions of broadband consumers today.

Further, developers will have the opportunity to test their implementation to ensure they are compliant with the recently published CEA IPv6 device profiles standard, ANSI/CE2048, Host and Router Profiles for IPv6 (for more info on ANSI/CEA-2048, see bit.ly/1vnkvCT )

Bring your dual-stack (v4/v6) or v6-enabled host or router; software or hardware; product, prototype or test board to Atlanta in April and test dual-stack/IPv6 connectivity with some of the biggest names in home and mobile broadband:


and stay tuned for further announcements!

This is a rare opportunity to replicate the consumer home environment for modern broadband connections, and to test in a safe and private fashion.  All results are confidential to the participating company.

For information and to register, go to: https://cea-2015-ipv6-plugfest.eventbrite.com/

Questions?  Please contact: Mike Bergman at mbergman@CE.org


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